Scott Israel-A Democrat That Violates Civil Rights?

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Democratic voters considering Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff better think twice. The 2012 candidate is hardly a democrat; He was a registered republican for roughly thirty years before 2008. And his actions up until that time are testament to the fact that he in no way believes in a liberal agenda.

Scott Israel has repetitively violated the civil rights and liberties of Florida citizens throughout his career. Although the candidate claims to have a "pristine record," one glance at that record reveals that this statement is a flat-out lie. The office of Internal Affairs has investigated Scott Israel on ten separate occasions for ethics violations. All of these cases involved minority suspects, suggesting that Israel frequently acted upon racist tendencies. Additionally, sixty percent of the investigations accused Scott Israel of excessive and unnecessary force.

Scott Israel's Liberal Use Of Unnecessary Force

Liberal minded individuals have long championed a society in which people are given a chance to explain their actions. The American legal system was founded on the principle that suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Yet Scott Israel has disregarded this golden rule by abusing his power as a law officer on several occasions. One of the most notable of these occasions involves a case in which Scott Israel mauled an already handcuffed suspect. The entire event was witnessed by a group of tourists.

Let's get one thing straight: Democrats don't beat the living daylights out of already subdued subjects. There is absolutely no reason for this. Scott Israel asserts that his actions were necessary because the suspect had a pocket knife. First of all, a large majority of men carry pocket knifes. It's a fairly common tool. In no way can Israel prove the suspect intended to use the knife for violence. If the suspect had a lighter, Scott Israel would've beat him then claimed the suspect intended to light him on fire. Secondly, and more importantly, how can anyone use a pocket knife while handcuffed behind the back?

I highlight this event only because it is the only event for which we have legitimate evidence. The details of several of the more serious cases are unknown; The files for these reports have mysteriously gone missing.

Throughout American history, the democratic party has made great strides in preventing the kind of abuse Scott Israel regularly distributed. If we are to maintain the integrity of that tradition, we clearly shouldn't even consider this man a reputable candidate. Scott Israel was a republican ever since he was old enough to vote. And you can't teach an old elephant new tricks.

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Scott Israel-Where Are The Files?

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Scott Israel is running for Broward County Sheriff in 2012. But many people aren't sure if he's the right man for the job.

Scott Israel first ran for Broward County Sheriff in 2008 but lost to incumbent Sheriff Al Lamberti. During the first campaign, news surfaced that Internal Affairs had investigated Scott Israel on ten different occasions. The ten incidents happened in the 1980s over a four year time period. And many people believe that the investigations cost Israel the race. Now that he's running again, the IA investigations are destined to resurface.

The Internal Affairs investigations of Scott Israel were controversial in several ways. In nearly every case Scott Israel was accused of excessive force, including one incident where he shot at a suspect. Every case also involved minority defendants, suggesting that Scott Israel racially profiled and treated minorities differently than whites. But the most concerning aspect about these investigations has nothing to do with what we know. Rather, it concerns what we do not.

Half of the files for the Internal Affairs investigations have gone missing. And the files that are missing include details about two of the most alarming charges: False Arrest and Theft.

By law, these files must remain in the city's archives for fifty years. And many think that Israel is responsible for their convenient absence. Scott Israel originally started his career as a Private Detective in the Florida area. It is alleged that this dubious profession taught Israel a thing or two about sabotage. And many people believe that Scott Israel is fully capable of tampering with evidence.

Scott Israel doesn't say much about the missing files. Every time a journalist brings the issue forward, Israel appears frustrated. Occasionally he'll ignore the question altogether. And other times he'll laugh it off with a bad joke: "I've never stolen anything in my life - well, I shouldn't say that - since I was 7 years old and Dad explained to me in the woodshed."

Hilarious. Unfortunately Broward County isn't looking for a comedian. We're looking for a sheriff. Preferably a sheriff with a clean record.

You'd think that someone with Scott Israel's background in private investigation would have no problem finding a couple missing files. And considering the fact that this issue cost Israel the last election, he should seek to find them. The fact that he is not trying to locate these files suggests that they don't paint a very pretty portrait. And until Scott Israel makes this information public, he should not receive a single vote.



This is an easy complaints were sustained. When you are NOT guilty...the files mean NOTHING. The files were purged like all other non-sustained files.

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